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Zip Tie Rat Trap: The Cheap, DIY Method That Actually Works

Ever get tired of buying unreliable rat and mouse glue traps, or poison bait stations?

Rodents are a legitimate concern across the United States, especially as the weather cools down and they seek warmth and shelter. Why not build your own high quality vermin traps? Here's how it's done.

YouTuber Noraiz Jugrha has shared a video that do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find quite handy.

It's all about how to build your own DIY mouse and rat trap using a regular old zip tie.

Watch the video below, and gain new appreciation for cheap pest control.

OK, OK, this might not be the absolute best mouse trap in the world right now. But it looks a lot more fun than those boring old snap traps.

The YouTuber is really pretty smart, and well versed in woodworking. In order to get rid of mice and rats, you've got to be smarter than the pests, and we're sure that's the case.

He starts off with just a toolbox and ends up with a very functional vermin trap he tests out on a rat. When this DIY trap is triggered, the zip tie securely holds your quarry. There's now no need to head off to the store to take care of your rodent problems at the cabin or the homestead.

If you like to DIY projects, this zip tie rat/mouse trap will certainly be your next build.