These Woven Bacon S'mores Are Campfire Gold!

Add a little flare to the next camping trip or bonfire. This extra-special bacon s'more is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Is there anything more American than a good ole duo of some bacon and a campfire? Maybe that of a campfire and bacon on July 4th? Well, this July 4th may be one for you to bring those together with this incredible campfire snack.... Campfire Bacon S'mores.

Bacon makes everything just a little better. This is common knowledge. And these campfire delicacies have social media buzzing. Out goes the graham cracker and in comes a bacon weaved s'more deluxe.

Bacon, marshmallow, and chocolate. I mean seriously, that is hard to mess up. The 4th of July is a perfect time to introduce these to all your closest friends and family. And then every campfire or bonfire from here on out can be capped off with this delicious snack.

If someone doesn't like them, well then you can't be friends with them.


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