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How to Make a Real Cannon From a Toy

real cannon from a toy

A real cannon made from a toy?

Well this guy, amazingly, did it in this video.

Witness how this guy made a real cannon from a toy.

Mini Cannon! Made from pencil sharpener!

Posted by U.S Military Power on Sunday, May 21, 2017

You've probably spotted these toy cannons that double as pencil sharpeners. In this video shared by U.S. Military Power on Facebook, these toy cannons do so much more. They actually shoot.

In the video we see the transformation from toy to miniature weapon right before our very eyes. Oh yes and there is plenty of shooting and slow motion footage of just how powerful these tiny cannons actually are.

We post this video as an educational one only. It is best to leave conversions of this sort to these video makers and enjoy them from the safety of your computer screen.


How to Make a Real Cannon From a Toy