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How to Get the Most Out of a Southwest Roadtrip

The desert is calling and you must go. From grand canyons to towering sand dunes, the American Southwest is the perfect road trip tour.

Itching for a road trip, but you're sick of seeing the same flat lands or pine trees and forests? The American Southwest has some of the most beautiful and trippy and transcendent landscapes in the country.

No wonder you see all those Instagram pictures with people holding their fedora so the playful desert winds don't knock it off. You know the pictures we mean, where the person isn't looking at the camera, but instead they choose to look out at the amazing red rocks, and we can't blame them. Here are a handful of things to do on a road trip through the Southwestern portion of the country.

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Glamp It Up!

If you want to start nice and easy-ish, Marfa's El Cosmico resort is the best place to blend some nature and still be able to connect to your social media with full signal. This will come in handy when you do an Instagram story that shows a picture of the inside of a yurt with the hashtag #blessed.

The Bohemian-style glamp territory plays host to 18 acres of tepees, vintage trailers, yurts, safari tents, and self-camping stations. All accommodations include access to bath houses, a communal dining area, and the hammock grove. El Cosmico is full of wonderment for all and offers a unique look at life in the state's more storied locales.

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RV Through Arizona

Think we've mentioned how the movie Cars took place in what would be Arizona, like, four times on this site, but it serves a purpose. The Copper State chronicles some of the best vistas, campgrounds, hikes, and sunset/sunrise views for nature lovers. Yes, there's the Grand Canyon (always make a stop there), but we encourage a top-to-toe trip starting out at that great crack in the earth and heading down to ye olde Tucson in an RV.

Along the way you'll get up close looks at some of the most contrasted terrains in one state. A view from an RV window gives a panoramic, cinematic visual pleasure tour an easy hand. Make sure to stop through the red rocks of Sedona, take a tour through the hallowed slots of Antelope Canyon, hike Camelback Mountain or Tom's Thumb in Phoenix, and tour the historic pueblo districts in Tucson.

Surf The Sand Dunes

The Imperial Sand Dunes, about 20 miles from Yuma, and the border of California, are soft wavy sand hills that stretch for miles. Powersports enthusiasts can hitch up their dune buggies and two-wheelers and spend some time ripping some tasty sand shreds. For the not-so-devilish travelers, the sand dunes are still perfect to take in breathtaking views, find some peace in the desert, and picture yourself on an alien planet (i.e. Star Wars).

Honorable mention: White Sands in New Mexico. Take your RV about 90 minutes north-ish of El Paso until you hit a random plot of white sands sifting over blacktops in the desert. The atmosphere is angelic, eerie, and unlike anything you've ever seen. Probably.

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