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How to Find Cheap Fishing Gear

Finding cheap fishing gear is a rite of passage for us all. Here's how to do it.

Since we were kids, few things have been as exciting as scouring the internet to find new fishing tackle that's affordable and proven to catch bigger fish.

Entrepreneurial folks over the years have gone above and beyond to innovate the way we perceive fishing tackle, but at times, cost has been somewhat of an afterthought.

Certain brands and products simply cost a little more, but are worth it.

In fact, we expect to pay more for the quality of brands like Rapala and don't mind doing so.

If you're like me, you may have learned growing up to head straight to the bargain bin of fishing lures. Not only did we enjoy buying tackle on the cheap, but we're still using many of those baits today.

These may seem a bit obvious, but then again, so does throwing a spinnerbait along a weed edge. This is just a short list of places that actually sell cheap fishing tackle and other sporting goods.

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Whether you walk in the door of your local Walmart or shop via their website, you'll find a well-rounded selection of fishing gear and other outdoor products. It's pretty well known that this American company has some seriously low prices on everyday products.

Here you can find almost everything you need, including fishing apparel, lures, rods, reels, rod-and-reel combos, tackles boxes and bags.

Dick's Sporting Goods

This company not only sells hunting and fishing gear, but seems to regularly have clearance sales that are at least worth checking out. One thing that makes them standout (when they have it) is a clearance line of saltwater gear, but they do regularly carry a decent inventory of saltwater items.


Obviously, Amazon was created to help us hungry consumers find...anything. So, it was only a matter of time before the monster online retailer started to offer outdoor sporting goods.

With that came the remarkable ease at which a fisherman can now search the tackle that they desire, not only by brand name, but also by price, making it extremely easy to weed out arbitrary items.

Bass Pro/Cabela's

Is there another brand more iconic brand than these two powerhouses? The combined might of these two companies produces some of the best clearance racks of any outdoor retailer.

It doesn't matter which is your favorite, the legendary Bargain Cave gets millions of views every day, and rightly so.

Discount Tackle

It's quite easy to find the clearance page with one visit to the Discount Tackle site. Venerable brands like 6th Sense, Luhr-Jensen, Daiwa, Duel Hardcore, Hayabusa and Yo-Zuri are just a few they feature in their sales.

Getting your favorite line, rods, reels, terminal tackle and accessories on the cheap is the only thing more fun than finding them.

Outlet Bait & Tackle

Also known as Overstock Bait, this site has all of the great brand names, combined with those awesome "buy one, get one" deals we all love. Bundling and secret bait box subscriptions are a big part of this dealer's business model, too.

Their mission is "to bring you perfectly good, functioning products that manufacturers have discontinued or have too many of, and make them available at irresistible price points."

Fisherman's Factory Outlet

FFO-Tackle features brands like Shakespeare, Pflueger, Ugly Stick, Abu Garcia, PENN, Berkley and more, these guys just want to get fishing tackle in your hands for less.

Tackle Warehouse

The Tackle Warehouse liquidation section is chock full of both new and used items for the fisherman who likes to shop. They offer casting rods and reels, spinning rods and reels, apparel, sunglasses, electronics and every kind of lure or bait that you want.

One scroll to the bottom of the page will fill your eyes with used gear from top brands like Humminbird, Lowrance, St. Croix and Simms.


Using Karl's, you'll have the option of buying gear straight out signing up for a membership for even more discounts. They do have a clearance page for those seeking even better deals on everything from apparel to lures, but it changes often.

Karl's is a part of the Googan Squad community where anglers can refer friends, buy gift cards and even shop by species.

Wholesale Fishing Tackle

Buying in bulk usually requires a dealer's license or at least some kind of account.

You'll likely be expected to buy hundreds of rods and reels, thousands of lures, and electronics by the bushel before you're going to see any savings from it. Getting access to the right supplier is extremely important since building your reputation with potential and existing customers is paramount.

However, if you're in a position to buy a lot of tackle at once, you'll undoubtedly save a lot of money. This is why retailers like Bass Pro Shops have been so successful for so long.

Other Cheap Fishing Tackle

When starting your search, look for keywords such as "tackle liquidation," "wholesale fishing tackle," "fishing tackle clearance" or "fishing gear blowout sale." There are all kinds of retailers online that you'd never know about without a properly executed Google search.

Whether you're looking for fly fishing rods, spinning reels, fishing line, soft baits, swivels, waders, baitcasting reels, fish finders or rod holders, make sure you're paying a good price.

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