How to Combine the Best Camping and Off-Roading the Country Can Offer

Want to go both camping and off-roading in one trip? These are the ways to do it.

These days, everyone's trying to make the most of their vacations. Especially when a road trip is involved, there's always an effort to stretch things for all they're worth, and combine activities whenever possible.

Two of those often combined hobbies are camping and off-roading, which pretty much go hand-in-hand. Wherever there's epic scenery, wild terrain, and very little civilization nearby, camping and off-roading are almost always going to be available.

That being said, you can't just jump in your off-roader and hope you'll stumble upon them both. We'll provide you with a few tips to help prepare, then it's up to you to have a great time in the great outdoors.

Know where to go

There are certainly places that are obvious combinations of great camping and off-roading locales, so do a little thinking and online searching. Social media sites and conversational forums can be a big help, but when it comes time to actually book a campsite and schedule an off-road adventure, look for reputable establishments and sources.

If you need ideas that may be a bit more off the beaten path, consider places like the Black Hills of South Dakota, Big Bend National Park in West Texas, or even Lanai, Hawaii (which actually only has 30 miles of paved roads, with the rest providing some great opportunities at off-road adventure).

Camping can be accessible in all three of those suggestions, but in general, if you're looking for good off-roading, camping is going to be close by.

Do your research, pick something th e

Plan ahead

Prepare your vehicle ahead of time by ensuring you've got the right tires, a good suspension, and a reliable engine that can be trusted no matter how far away from civilization it might end up.

You'll also need plenty of camping gear, which creates its own list of endless possibilities. With a vehicle at your campsite, you'll at least be able to rely on some extra storage and a safe haven, so look at your vehicle like your survival headquarters.

Packing extra water, non-perishable food, and medical, safety, and first-aid supplies is never a bad idea.

Know your route, plot the nearest gas stations, and make sure you're set to go before entering the unknown.

Keep it simple (and safe)

Especially when you're an out-of-stater and in unfamiliar territory, it makes sense not to push things too hard with your off-roader. Until you've verified there are others around to help and emergency supplies if needed, don't go tackling those desolation zones just because they look great for both camping and off-roading.

Above all, make sure you return safely, with your vehicle and your loved ones in one piece. A properly prepared and maintained off-road machine should hold its own, and since sleeping under the stars is something we can all enjoy, it makes perfect sense to combine them.

Be an adventurous off-roader and you'll see why they go together so well.