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How to Clean Your CamelBak With These Easy Steps

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Almost every outdoor enthusiast owns a water bottle or a hydration bladder, they're a must-have item for any hikes, camping, or other activities done in the backcountry, and they come in handy over and over again.

If you own a CamelBak hydration bladder, you've probably realized that you need to keep it clean to prevent mildew and other gross bacteria from forming. If you're wondering how to clean CamelBak water bottles and hydration packs, we've compiled a few different solutions that'll help you keep your hydration system clean and safe to use.

There are tons of DIY and store-bought solutions for cleaning your water bottles and hydration packs, and there doesn't seem to be one way that is superior to the others. As long as you're keeping them clean and letting them dry properly, you should have no issues with mold or mildew developing.

How To Clean a CamelBak

If you're looking for a good homemade solution to keep your hydration bladder clean, Outside Magazine offers a few solutions to help wash out the water reservoir.

"Bladders from CamelBak, Osprey, Platypus, Gregory, and others are best cleaned by hand, using hot (not boiling) soapy water and a thorough rinse. You can use a tiny amount of dish soap or natural cleaners, like lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar."

As long as you have one of these kitchen items and some warm water, you'll be able to clean the hydration reservoir easily. Then simply hang the bladder on something like a faucet, paper towel holder, or a wine bottle and let it air dry completely.

To clean the mouthpiece, Outside Magazine recommends you "remove the mouthpiece (some bite valves come apart as well) and let the pieces soak in a bowl of warm soapy water, then rinse and dry completely."

If you want an even easier cleaning solution, you can try these CamelBak bleach-based cleaning tablets from Amazon. They're specifically designed to clean CamelBak bladders and water bottles.

CamelBak Cleaning Tablets - 8Pk, Black

All you'll need for these to work is some clean water, and you're on your way to a clean bladder. These are great for a quick and easy clean every now and then, and since they're made to clean the CamelBak reservoir, you know they work well.

If you want to do a deep clean, like after you put a sports drink in your bladder or if you haven't cleaned it in a while, this YouTube video from REI adds the use of cleaning brushes and soapy water to the tablets. This method is really effective at cleaning out the drinking tube and works well to thoroughly disinfect your CamelBak.

This cleaning kit contains all the materials you'll need, including a hanger, brushes for the reservoir and drinking tube, and cleaning tablets.

CamelBak Crux Cleaning Kit, Multi

Don't skimp on cleaning your CamelBak bladders, it's important to keep them clean so they'll last for a long time and won't contaminate any of the clean water that you'll need in the backcountry.