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How to Clean a Glock 17 in Just 5 Minutes

How To Clean a Glock 17 In 5 Minutes
YouTube/Pew Pew Dave

Ever wonder how you should disassemble and clean a Glock 17 handgun? This video has easy to follow, step by step instructions showing exactly how do to it.  

Glock handguns are extremely popular among recreational shooters, law enforcement agencies, and various military forces for a number of reasons: they're very reliable, easy to use, accurate, and reasonably priced. While they are indeed well designed and built handguns, Glock pistols do need to be properly maintained to ensure they continue to work reliably.

Fortunately, Glock pistols are also pretty easy to maintain and it should only take a couple of minutes to field strip, clean, and reassemble one.

This particular video describes how to clean a Generation 4 Glock 17. However, the steps are essentially identical for virtually every other Gen 4 Glock, regardless of whether it's chambered in .357 Sig, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto, or .45 ACP.

Watch the video to see exactly how it's done.

Pretty simple right?

One of the marks of a well designed firearm is whether or not it needs specialized tools to disassemble and clean. As you can see in the video, the Glock 17 comes apart pretty easily and you don't need a very extensive gun cleaning kit for proper maintenance: just a cleaning rod, a bore brush, a cleaning brush, some cleaning patches, some solvent, and some lubricant.

He used Hoppe's Number 9 Cleaning Solvent (which works great), but you can also use other types of gun cleaners as well.

So, just follow the instructions in the video, take good care of your Glock, and it won't let you down when you need it.

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How to Clean a Glock 17 in Just 5 Minutes