How to Choose the Best Multi-Tool for Outdoors and Survival

From premium to budget there are a wide variety so this overview helps choose what is the best multi-tool for your hunting, fishing, or survival needs.

Black Scout Survival gives another super quick yet helpful lesson on choosing a multi-tool that is appropriate for your next adventure in the wilds or urban area.

This is a pretty good rundown on the variety of Leatherman multi-tools available to you. From higher end ones that cost a little more, but are worth every cent, to the more budget conscious.

A good multi-tool is worth its weight in gold. I remember in the 90s when they first started really appearing in the military. For the first couple of years infantry soldiers would buy them on their own as they were so useful on missions and eventually the system caught up and began procuring them for general issue. A good multi-tool can literally save lives, allowing you to cut wire, use the knife for survival situations and some even now incorporate a flint for fire starting or mirror for aircraft signalling.

When you are in the market for a multi-tool be sure to buy quality and ensure that the knife and other tools securely lock in when folded out, a very important safety point when cutting with the blade or using a tool to ensure it doesn't fold back and cut your hand.

For a great selection of multi-tools be sure to check out Cabela's.