How to Call Jackrabbits in and Then Ring Them with a Bow

Who knew rabbits would come to a call? And that smoking them with a bow would be so much fun.

California... for the most part, has many people who frown upon things like this. And Tim Wells mentions running into a few who weren't so pleased that he was hunting.

But that didn't stop him from having a blast with some jackrabbits. Little hidden brush country right by the cities presented them with some cool hunting action, and Tim makes the most of it.

With the call fired up, jackrabbits begin to move in and the hunt is on.

Getting them in might be the easy part though. Once they hear the call, they hang up knowing that something isn't quite right.

Which then means upon the release of the arrow, they are ready to flee because they're on edge. As you saw, though, Tim eventually connects, like he always does, and he is pretty jacked up.

You would think he had just dropped a whitetail. Calling in jackrabbits... who would have thought you could do that? Certainly not me.

Not many people can say they shot a jackrabbit in Los Angeles and then finished the day with a fresh hot tamale.

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