How the Right Set of Tires Can Get You Where Other Fishermen Won't Go

For those who are searching for the best fishing spot, we've got the reasons why off-road tires will bring you more luck.

We're always trying to find ways to gain an edge and catch more fish. Whether it's reeling them in to take home and cook, or merely catch and release fishing for fun, there's almost certainly ways to increase your chances.

What if we told you there's something completely unrelated to your tackle box, that can better your success rate when it comes to finding fish?

We aren't talking about a bass boat with sonar, or an underwater drone to search out the right spots. We're talking about the vehicle you use to get to those spots in the first place. Does your truck, SUV, or crossover have a set of off-road tires? Because it should.

Combining your mode of transportation with your fish camp isn't unheard of. Lots of us live out of our trucks while on a fishing trip, and we like it that way. But off-road trucks can stretch the miles and cover more ground, giving you the benefit of reaching fishing holes that are, for the most part, untouched and unspoiled.

That's every angler's dream, isn't it? If you can find a spot that you have all to yourself, there's room for stretching your limits and learning just what it is the fish want to bite. No pressure, no side-by-side competition, just vast swaths of water accessible to those who are quipped to reach them.

Be smart and choose something reputable, and you're going to live that dream. There's little reason not to pick a tire like Yokohama's Geolandar line, mainly because they check all the boxes you'd need to consider yourself covered. Mud, low water crossings, rocky conditions, and dirt trails are a lot easier to manage with the right off-road tires.

Equip your fishing vehicle the right way, and you'll be taking a major step towards seeking out the spots others can't be bothered to reach.