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YouTube: DemolitionRanch

How Much Firepower Can an Armored Humvee Windshield Withstand?

Go ahead and take your bets now, but this will surprise everyone.

Every time you think Demolition Ranch's Matt Carriker has reached the end of the road with ideas for shooting experiments, he turns around a throws you a gem of a video.

He's shot virtually everything under the sun at this point, and shot at about as many different targets. But this is one we've probably all wondered at some point or another. I mean, really, how tough is that bulletproof glass on a Humvee anyway?

Well, fortunately for all of our curious minds, Carriker came through with an official test, and blasted as much lead into the glass as he possibly could. How well do you think it'll hold up?

Warning: don't try this with your neighbor's Hummer parked in the driveway.

Watch the video below:

Who would've guessed you could shoot this much at a Humvee before actually puncturing glass?

As you just saw, he didn't miss a single step, as he started with .22 LR, and ultimately moved up the ranks to .22 Magnum, then to 9mm, 12 gauge/.50 BMG sabot, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester and ended with his trusty .50 BMG.

He was actually able to get through the glass with multiple .308 Win. rounds, but nothing was as effective as the largest gun he shot, which obviously was the .50 BMG.

While he was able to eventually penetrate it, the strength of this glass was incredible. The fact that any kind of glass could stop a full-metal-jacket .50 BMG bullet is pretty hard to believe, especially when it's this old, too!

Seeing the windshield's resilience definitely makes me curious about the most modern bulletproof glass. I wonder if Carriker has the ability to get a new Humvee windshield to compare!

Were you close in your estimation? Was it as tough as you'd thought it'd be? Let us know!