fidget spinner trick shot
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How Long Would it Take You to Hit This Fidget Spinner Trick Shot?

Splitting a card in half is hard enough on its own, but this fidget spinner trick shot just takes it to a whole new level.

We already know that .22Plinkster is an amazing trick shooter, especially with a .22 pistol. We already know that there is a great use for fidget spinners as a key part of making a survival fire easily. But luckily .22 Plinkster has found another great use for a fidget spinner, making an already incredibly difficult trick shot even harder.

What amazing timing it must take to be able to pull that shot off. Even the first attempt where the card doesn't split completely into two pieces is much better than most shooters could do with a box full of .22 ammo. But, like we've said before; practice, practice, and practice is what it takes to get to this kind of accuracy and maybe this handgun shooting infographic can give you some of the tips you need to reach this level.

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