How Humminbird's MEGA Imaging Tipped the Fishing World on Its Head

If you aren't using Humminbird's MEGA Imaging technology, this is what you're missing (it's fish, and lots of them).

Not so long ago, Humminbird introduced imaging sonar to people for both freshwater and saltwater purposes. Anglers were able to see things underwater that were invisible before, such as rocks, fallen trees, debris and bridge pilings. As a result, the way anglers approached the water changed forever. However, anglers continued to demand a clearer screen to make it easier to identify structure and most importantly, fish.

Then Humminbird debuted its MEGA Imaging technology and reset angler expectations in early 2017.

The new technology delivered nearly three times the output as Humminbird's standard Side Imaging, which had already taken the fishing world by storm. It's now able to CHIRP across multiple platforms in the megahertz range, the first fish finder to do so.

MEGA Imaging changed the landscape of the fishing industry once again, producing clear images of both structure and fish. As a result, anglers are saving both time and money (for fuel), as they're having an easier time finding fish and fish-holding structure.

Product Details

For covering multiple angles, MEGA Side Imaging offers 125 feet of visibility to each side of the boat (total of 250 feet from side to side), and anglers can use traditional Side Imaging to get precise returns out to 400 feet (800 feet from side to side) on select models.

MEGA Down Imaging offers fishermen a crystal-clear picture directly below the boat up to 125 feet deep. If fishermen want to go deeper, they can use the traditional Down Imaging as deep as 400 feet.

With MEGA, anglers also get CHIRP Digital Sonar, which offers 2D returns of structure and fish. CHIRP helps provide better target separation and less noise by scanning a broader range of frequencies, which makes for well-defined fish arches.

The high-definition returns from MEGA Imaging can be found on all SOLIX Series models (15.4-inch, 12.1-inch and 10.1-inch screen sizes). On the SOLIX, anglers also have access to the Cross Touch interface touchscreen, AutoChart Live mapping, Humminbird Basemap and Bluetooth networking.

MEGA Imaging is available on select HELIX Series models (12.1-inch, 10.1-inch and 9-inch), too. Fishermen also have access to other technologies, such as AutoChart Live mapping and Humminbird Basemap.