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How Do You Hunt Turkeys When a Hen Follows You Around?

Well, this is quite the predicament.

If you haven't checked out the Hunting Public on YouTube by now, you're really missing out. Their turkey tour is now in full effect as they hunt turkeys all across the continental U.S.

In between hunts, they ask followers to submit hunting-related questions for them to talk about on their podcast, and this was one of them. This hunter found himself in a unique situation while turkey hunting. He basically called a hen to himself, and the hen followed him around everywhere. Even after the hunter harvests a gobbler, the hen continues following him.

Hen Turkey Follows Hunter

One of our viewers, Will Isaac had a crazy experience on opening day in Missouri on public land! Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Posted by The Hunting Public on Friday, April 20, 2018

What do you do here? I guess you could use the hen as a live decoy, but be careful that hunters don't mistake it for a jake. It's definitely a situation hunters don't encounter in the woods very often, if ever.

So, the question remains: What would you do?

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How Do You Hunt Turkeys When a Hen Follows You Around?