How Cameron Hanes is Introducing More People to Hunting Than Anyone Else

Cameron Hanes continues to effectively introduce hunting to anyone and everyone.

Over the last few years, hunting numbers have been steadily decreasing, causing concern for the entire community. Thankfully with a new wave of positive hunting influences, more and more people are feeling compelled hunt. Hunting has long been a pastime that's often passed through families. However, with this new wave of new media and peer-to-peer influence, new prospective hunters are learning from folks with genuine intentions.

One of those people is Oregon's Cameron Hanes. For those who don't know Hanes, he's an Under Armour athlete who's long been an advocate of hunting, and he's been garnering some serious attention from the masses. With a massive social media presence of 550,000 followers on Instagram and featuring in a number of film projects, Cam has built a large, loyal following.

Let's take a look at how he's become a big deal to the introduction of new hunters.

Joe Rogan Podcast

Rogan currently has one of the most popular and entertaining podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience, which seems to captivate the masses every episode. This platform has allowed the introduction of bowhunting to people who would've otherwise never even considered trying it. Between Hanes and Rogan (and additional guests), they've presented hunting in an educational and forward-thinking way. They discuss an array of hunting adventures and the correlation between hunting and conservation. Probably one of the most popular themes among their in-depth conservations is the importance of sourcing your own food if possible and not purchasing less-ethically sourced food from the grocery store.

Assessable to Everyone

Train. Hunt. Provide. Honor.

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To put this in personal perspective among my own friends, they don't know of other "mainstream" hunting industry influences but are very familiar with Hanes. Now, this might be an isolated example, but no one can ignore the diverse crowd Hanes encompasses.  His influence between weightlifting enthusiasts, marathon runners and hunters just illustrates how wide his reach is. Seeing his crazy work effort through his social accounts has inspired and sparked passion within fellow big-game hunters, conservationists, UFC athletes and many other good people with big goals.

He's very responsive to many people who reach out and share their thoughts.

Recruiting new hunters isn't an easy task, but Hanes is certainly doing his share.

So at the end of the day, make it a mission to spread positivity, head to the bow range and "keep hammering!"