Horse vs Elk
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Horse Has Rare Face Off With an Agitated Bull Elk


An elk and a horse have a rare standoff.

One of the more exciting aspects of nature is how different species interact with each other when there's no predator and prey dynamic going on. Watching a hippo square up with a rhino or seeing a whitetail and a mule deer lock antlers in a cross-species brawl is fascinating.

We don't often see wild animals interacting with domestic animals. Wild animals usually give humans their space and often aren't quick to approach them.

In this video, a full-grown bull elk wanders into a campground when he encounters two horses hanging out in their stall. While it's fascinating to watch, the humans watching it play out are understandably concerned about what's happening.


It looks like that elk wanted to sample some of the horse's food, but the horse wasn't having any of that. Not many animals will stand up to a bull elk after he lowers his head like that, but the horse showed no fear of the antlered intruder. It helps that their body sizes are roughly equivalent to one another. We can understand the concern of the horse owners. A big bull like that could do significant damage with those big antlers. Damage could lead to a costly veterinarian bill.

Suppose you think a bull elk won't attack a domesticated farmyard animal. In that case, this is at least the second video of a member of the deer family interacting with an animal in a pen. We recently also saw a video of a whitetail buck trying to pick a fight with a bull nearly three times his size.

Fortunately, once the humans finally decided to leave the trailer, that was enough to convince the bull that he had finally overstayed his welcome. We're glad this situation turned out well for all parties involved and that they were able to capture the whole thing on video. It makes for a moment to remember for years to come.

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