Hip Horse "Dances" With Kid, Matching Her Every Move

We've seen dancing dogs, cats, and birds, but this dancing horse is perfectly on tempo!

Horses are known for being quick on their feet, participating in elite equestrian events like dressage and horseback riding competitions, but the horse dancer in this viral video is not at an event.

Instead, this horse dances with his kid on the farm. The full video is not one to miss!

Horse Dances With Kid On Farm


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? Drilla - Opps & Blocks

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Social media has brought so many uplifting, joyful videos. What better way to kick off the new year than watching a viral video of a horse busting out some serious dance moves, perfectly on beat. In the trending TikTok video, a little girl stands outside the corral across from two horses. The little girl moves her head to the beat, and the dark brown horse is clearly not interested in any playlist shenanigans. However, the brown and white horse is definitely interested in what she is doing.

After a moment of consideration, he starts bobbing his head in sync with the little girls totally vibing to the beat. The viral video has hit 1.2 million views since it was posted to All Seated in a Barns TikTok page; the horse rescue has 220 thousand followers.

Fans loved the video of the pair. One commented, "The other horse is just like 'don't you dare do it.....god damn it.'" Another said, "Best one yet! Too cute."

Erica said, "Horse has better rhythm than 90% of the videos to this sound." We have to agree. This pretty pony is on point.

However, one of the most popular comments is a nod to another viral trend saying, "OMG, that horse understood the assignment. So sweet!" A sentiment that was echoed by many others who commented on the sweet video.

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