These Horse Cooling Blankets Are Great for Post-Exercise Recovery

After a great ride with your horse, a nice cool down is essential for both of you. Horse cooling blankets are a great way to cool your horse down after physical activity or just when it is hot outside. An overheated horse is the last thing you'd want!

Horse cooling sheets are a great addition to your stable supplies. Check out these cooling blankets.

Best Horse Cooling Blankets

1. Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket

Cooling down your horse after a performance or exercise is all a part of great horse care. This cooling sheet is made with materials that are great for wicking away sweat.

The belly and leg straps are removable, so you can easily wash them. This horse cooler blanket is chemical-free! You can pick from four different colors as well.

2. Derby Originals Fleece Cooler for Horses All Season Sheet & Blanket Liner with Neck Cover

The Derby Originals Fleece Cooler is made with a layer of plush, soft polar fleece and designed with your horse's comfort in mind. You can use this cooling dress sheet in many ways. It can be used to keep your horse warm in cool weather or used to absorb excess moisture after a long ride.

This blanket liner is also great to use after a bath to dry off your horse without the risk of overheating. The seller recommends hand washing this fleece blanket and removing the removable pieces before washing. Customers are loving that this horse blanket comes with a blanket linker and neck cover.

3. Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Standard Neck

This lightweight cooler blanket is made with sweat-wicking material that keeps your horse cool and acts as a repellent to extra body heat. The nylon overlay helps prevent stretching and rubbing against your horse. This cooling blanket has adjustable low-cross surcingles, twin chest straps, and a tail cord.

No matter if you have a centaur or miniature horse, Weatherbeeta makes a wide range of high-quality horse products. Check out their muzzles, saddle pads, and fly control products to add to your wishlist.

When you're not using your cooling blankets, fly sheets, or stirrups, check out this horse rack that you can place in your horse tack room.

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