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HOMESTEAD is One Elk Hunting Film You Don't Want to Miss

elk hunting

This remarkable elk hunting film is one for the record books!

The folks at absolutely nailed it with this epic new film. This feature follows around goHUNT president, Lorenzo Martini, in his quest to bag a monster bull elk during the rut.

This video is jam packed with the highs and lows of elk hunting as well as one epic ending. Trust me, this is one hunting film you do not want to miss!

As you can see from this film, it often takes persistence and raw determination to fill a tag. When chasing big bulls surrounded by dozens of cow elk it is almost impossible to sneak into bow range and let one fly.

Remarkably, Lorenzo was fortunate enough to catch these two bulls as they were focused intently on showing one another who was boss. This lead to a well placed shot and a down bull elk during the rut!

Be sure the head over to to learn more about their efforts.

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HOMESTEAD is One Elk Hunting Film You Don't Want to Miss