How to Hold Your Fish Properly if You Catch and Release [VIDEO]

If you are a catch-and-release kind of angler, make sure you know the proper way to hold a fish before letting him back into the water. 

If you hold a fish incorrectly, it may cause damage to the fish's jaw. In that case you might as well fry him right there in the boat, as he may die later on.

Gene Jensen fills us in on the correct holding method for your bass so you can snap a perfect Instagram pic and get back to fishing without any harm coming to your catches.


As Gene demonstrates, it's best to either hold the fish vertical or give it support under his belly if you want to capture the moment horizontally.

If you are brand new to catch and release or even if you have been doing it for years, it's always important to respect the wildlife you encounter and know how to handle a fish with proper care.