deer heart

Hilarious Romantic Take on How to Prepare Deer Heart

Sautéed venison heart... the perfect way to get to your special someone's heart. (But seriously, it's delicious).

Deer heart: some people may wince; some people's mouths start to water. Shockingly, many whitetail hunters waste this excellent piece of meat and leave it lying in the gut pile.

From now on, though, we hope you savor that fine piece of organic meat and enjoy it. Why not enjoy it with the one you love... on Valentine's Day?

Breaking Wild does a food prep video on sautéed venison heart, and it is hilarious. You are just a few romantic tunes, fine wine, and a sautéed heart away from a Valentine's Day to remember.

All jokes aside, venison heart is an extremely good cut of meat. I often encourage many hunters to attempt to get past the fact that you are eating a heart and give it a shot.

I personally love the meat and have tried numerous preparation styles. I'm happy to report that none have disappointed me, but this is one of my favorites.

As he says at the end of the video, you will feel like a sinner for wasting the meat in the past. When the combinations of flavors hit your tongue, you'll be wondering why on earth you had been leaving the hearts in the field for coyotes and buzzards to take.

Bon appetit.

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