YouTube: Charlie Berens

Hilarious Parody Highlights the Difficulties of Starting a Bonfire

This hilarious look at starting a bonfire is too true.

Nothing really says summer quite like a nice roaring bonfire. It is the chance to roast some hotdogs or marshmallows, crack open some cold ones and enjoy a nice evening with friends and family. Of course, at any gathering comes the inevitable argument about the best way to get the fire going.

Just about every guy thinks he is an expert at getting a fire going and they are more than eager to show off their skills to others. What usually ends up happening is a struggle to get anything going at all.

YouTuber Charlie Berens hilariously parodies the process of starting a fire in one of his latest videos. If you live in the Midwest, you will find everything about this funny skit to be spot on.

I think all of us have heard two friends bicker over the "log cabin" vs "teepee" style of stacking the logs in the fire at some point or another and just rolled our eyes. Almost everyone also has that one friend who is determined to show off his firestarting skills with a new survival kit flint. The more extreme example is the friend who brings a bow and drill on the trip. They usually talk their skills and the method up before hilariously failing to even get a tiny bit of smoke out of the deal.

Then of course a third part steps in and is the voice of reason dumping lighter fluid on the whole thing to finally get the fire going since the kids are hungry and the bugs are eating everyone alive. We got a great laugh out of this video.

If you have never watched Charlie and his friends before, they have made some hilarious skits parodying Midwestern life.

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