This $25 Dog Wine Holder Is the Funniest Gift for Dog Lovers

What do you get for the dog owner who has everything?

We laughed out loud when we spotted this hilarious dog wine holder! This clever wine bottle holder is hysterical and adorable. And for 25 bucks it's a can't-miss present for a dog lover. It's affordable enough to be a no-guilt gift for yourself too.

Don't know any Corgi devotees? That's fine, because True is also offering (at a range of prices) a tippling golden retriever, Dachshund, Chihuahua, black Lab, Frenchie, pug, Rottie, and Yorkie.

This conversation piece is solid, yet crafted of lightweight resin, a material that allows for the realistic look of each of the nine booze hounds. It's also really easy to clean: just wipe it with a damp cloth. The bottom is covered with felt, so whether you place it on your kitchen counter or on a wood or tile floor, you needn't worry about scuff marks. It would even make a super fun centerpiece at a casual dinner party, staying put without marring your table.

Dog Wine Holder

And with gift-giving season upon us, this cute canine home accessory can check many boxes. Hostess gift? For sure. Gift for your favorite neighbor? Of course. Secret Santa? Why not? White elephant? Absolutely. Your niece who's a Frenchie fanatic or the aunt who dotes on a Dachshund? Check and check. Plus, the price lands well under the common $50 limit on gift exchanges.

We're not the only ones who think these are a crazy-good find for the money. True's whole line of dog wine holders have garnered a 4.8 average review on Amazon. One happy gifter wrote, "My mom cried when I gave this to her as a gift because she loved it so much." Another snapped a photo of her Rottie with 'his' present.

One resourceful reviewer made a lighted wine bottle with a funny custom label for her corgi wine bottle holder. That way, it looks decorative and eye catching even when there isn't any vino in the house. This hilarious dog wine holder is perfect for that dog lover in your life who has everything.


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