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The Best Hiking Gifts (That Are All Under $100)

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With the holidays fast approaching, you've probably made a list of all of the people you need to snag gifts for this year. That's not always an easy job, and it can sometimes be a chore to find the perfect gift for everyone at a reasonable price. Honestly, it's tempting to put some cash in a card and call it a day — but if you're reading this, you're in luck. Gift round-ups can be a real source of inspiration for a few reasons: it can help you find someone you love something they'll love, and it can also be a great way to get some inspo for things you might want for yourself. A really safe way to pick out a gift is to choose a hobby and a price point: and if you know anyone who loves the great outdoors, it's pretty easy to assume they also love hiking. The best hiking gifts are well thought out, unique, and useful. You don't want to get an avid hiker the basics, as they probably already have things like trekking poles or hiking shoes. You're way better off choosing something that will make their favorite activity easier or more enjoyable — and it's always good to pick things they might not treat themselves to. We rounded up clever must-haves or new and trendy releases that will make the perfect hiking gifts this holiday season. You'll find our picks that go for under $100, under $50, and under $20, so it should fit anyone's budget. Find them below:

Best Hiking Gifts Under $20

Parks Project

Leave It Better Than You Found It Parks Kit - Parks Project, $10.00

A fantastic stocking stuffer for any avid hiker, this kit comes with a pair of grippy glove, a sturdy recycling bag, and a garbage bag to help clean up the trail on their next outing. It's a way to encourage preservation and remind any outdoor lover of the motto "leave it better than you found it."


Mindful Ventures Water Bottle Bag - Amazon, $19.99

For basic day hikes, a hiker can now keep their hands free with this durable water bottle bag that has a convenient over-the-shoulder strap. It fits up to a 40-ounce bottle but also has zippered and mesh pockets for basics like your phone, keys, wallet, lip balm, and more.


Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter - Amazon, $15.99

A great find for an emergency kit that won't take up too much room in a daypack, this Swiss Safe fire starter comes with two tools that come fitted with a compass, a paracord, and a steel shaver. Each fire starter lasts for up to 16,000 strikes and will work in any weather conditions. These even glow-in-the-dark, too.


Salzmann 3M Reflective Backpack Cover - Amazon, $10.90

This reflective waterproof backpack cover is a portable, easy to store must-have that will protect any hiker's daypack from rain and other elements. It has adjustable straps so you can cover it to fit, and it will work with bags up to 36 liters. The 3M cover makes it perfect for nighttime use as well.

Best Hiking Gifts Under $50

Parks Project

National Parks Project 32-Ounce Insulated Water Bottle - Parks Project, $32.98

This water bottle with a fun National Parks design is a must-have for avid hikers that love to travel — it's 32-ounces, insulated, and keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours straight with its stainless steel construction.


Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank - $29.95

This sleek power bank can charge a device twice before needing to plug it in, and it works for cell phones, fitness trackers, GPS devices, and other hiking necessities. It's small, portable, and bright enough to find quickly in a backpack.


orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer - Amazon, $23.99

A small, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing hand warmer, it heats up in under two minutes, lasts up to four hours on one charge, and even has an LED torch light to use as a flashlight in a pinch.


Kinfield Holiday Sets - Kinfield, $35.00+

Our executive commerce editor loves Kinfield for any outdoor occasion — and the holiday sets this year come with a few options and even a choice of a gift bag. She writes: "This bug spray brand is great for the planet and great for people, and uses natural plant ingredients to keep bugs away or offer protection from the sun. I highly recommend Golden Hour (the bug spray). It smells deliciously citrus and works great. The itch balm also can't be beat — it's nice and herbal and got rid of the itching sensation almost immediately." She recommends the Best Sellers or the Bug Off Holiday sets.


Washtucna Hip Pack - Backcountry, $37.95

This colorful hip pack is great: it has lots of space for a little more than your basics, so you can also store things like snacks, a first aid kit, and a flashlight in there. It fits snugly around your hip and also has a side slot to put your water bottle. It's also really nice looking and durable — it would make a great gift.

Best Hiking Gifts Under $100


Women's Merino Wool Hiking Sock (3-Pack) - Amazon, $78.00

Bombas is one of our absolute favorite sock brands — and yes, they're worth the money. These well-made hiking socks would be an absolutely great gift for an avid hiker. The fact that they're made with merino wool (the best material for its moisture-wicking properties, odor-resistance, and quick-drying construction) makes this a must buy if you're looking for something really special they're sure to use. Find the men's option here.



Outdoor Afro + REI Co-Op Flash 22 Pack - REI, $59.95

This collaboration between popular brand Outdoor Afro and REI is both beautiful and limited edition, so grab this useful hiking backpack and gift it to someone who will appreciate both the design and the functionality. It fits a 32-ounce water bottle and has a 22-liter capacity. It's also lightweight and has lots of zippered pockets, as well as a breathable mesh back and padded shoulder straps.


YETI Soft-Sided Lunch Box - YETI, $80

This foldable, packable, and easy to clean lunch box is a classic, durable solution for day hikes. Allow them the option of packing a lunch and a few drinks to eat on top of a mountain — it's a splurge gift they'll put to use.


Rumpl Recycled Outdoor Blanket- REI, $99.00

This packable, compact outdoor blanket is made up of 100% recycled materials and is comfortable on any terrain. It feels like a puffy jacket and is also machine-washable: it's great for all-season hikers.

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