High-Mileage C5 Chevrolet Corvette Donated to National Corvette Museum

700K miles is big news for any car, but it makes this 18-year-old Corvette museum worthy.

Of all the Corvettes on display inside the National Corvette Museum most are extremely rare with low mileage, but the latest donation is the direct opposite.

An otherwise unassuming C5 Corvette was recently donated to the museum for one reason - its obscenely high odometer showing 773,338 miles! Talk about the coolest commuter car ever.

Mark Blackwell of Jacksonville, Florida purchased the 2000 Corvette brand new in 1999, and he used it as his daily-driving commuter car to travel throughout Florida and Georgia. For the 18-year-old Corvette, that averages out to just under 43,000 miles per year!

That is a feat you might expect to hear about on a pickup truck, not a Torch Red Corvette coupe. Even more impressive, this car is still on its original engine!

Blackwell's donation of his car just proves how awesome the National Corvette Museum really is. Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the museum is home to dozens of Corvettes spanning the cars seven generations and 64 years. The museum made big news in 2014 following a sinkhole that swallowed eight Corvettes, which has since resulted in a new display of the tragically mangled wreckage.

And if countless Corvettes aren't enough, the National Corvette Museum also has a motorsports track across the interstate and allows new Corvette buyers to take delivery of their car at the museum.