Pennsylvania Game Commission

Here's Why The Pennsylvania Game Commission is More Successful Than Most

Deer hunters in the state of Pennsylvania should be proud of their wildlife officials.

Many hunters have no idea where their money goes when they purchase a hunting license. Let's face it, we all know most of the money for conservation comes from hunters and those involved, contrary to what PETA and their followers may think.

For the sake of transparency, the Pennsylvania Game Commission took to the internet to share where money is going. They released the following video, which explains what their employees, volunteers and hunters' money did during the fiscal year.

Watch the video below:

If you're upset with the way your local wildlife agency operates, you could always write a request for officials to follow Pennsylvania's lead. Truth be told, there may be other jurisdictions actually doing similar things, they just might not share their annual report in a way that's so easy to understand.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission received Quality Deer Management's "Agency of the Year" award at the QDMA 2018 National Convention. This is undoubtedly an honor, and the entire state of Pennsylvania should be proud.

According to the QDMA, a study by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation found that the PGC has "one of the most progressive deer management programs in the country. It is one of a few states that has a written deer management plan, sets quantitative goals, includes a goal related to habitat health, and uses actual measures of vegetation data to inform deer management decisions."

Knowing where your money is going, seeing results in the field and getting positive feedback from hunters and local communities is a recipe for satisfaction across the board.

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