Here’s the Story of the 100-Pound Missouri State Record Flathead Catfish

The Missouri State record flathead catfish was established back in 2015. Here's the whole story in a video.

Anybody who has chased flatheads in the state of Missouri will attest to the fact that they come big and they come bad.

No one would be more inclined to say so than one Matthew McConkey of Kansas City, the new state record holder for 'alternative-method' fishing.

Using a trotline and a good friend, Wesley Coke, McConkey set out the 33-hook rig on the Missouri River, and on September 19, 2015 pulled in a flathead catfish the size of a small truck!

Here's the story:

Since McConkey's name was legally on the rig, his name now holds the record. The anxiety wasn't over when they boated the fish as now they had to find a solid registered scale to weigh it on.

The previous record: 99 pounds.

The new record: 100 pounds, zero ounces!

Big thanks to the Missouri Dept. of Conservation Facebook page for sharing this well made video recounting the two men's great and record breaking catch!

*Note: the video states that "each fisherman is allowed 33-hooks in the water per day" but it also says "usually three 10-hook lines" which of course would be thirty hooks.

Check your local and state regulations before setting your line. You wouldn't want the next record to be disallowed for having an illegal rig, right?!