Animated Lure
Robotic Lure

Here's the Most Lifelike Fishing Lure You've Ever Seen

The Animated Lure is the world's first self-swimming, electronically programmed lure.

The majority of baits on tackle store shelves do a good job of hooking anglers more so than fish. With the new Animated Lure by the Robotic Lure Company, we're fairly certain real fish will take notice and in a very big way.

The electronic lure is a battery-powered rechargeable bait, sporting a small electric prop on the nose which provides the programmed action.

Once cast and in the water for 10 to 12 seconds, the electric propeller will activate and the movement will begin. No manipulation by the angler is ever needed.

Lure fishing just witnessed a lightning strike. Check out how lifelike this new bait is:

The Animated Lure comes in two sizes, 5.25 inches and 2.6 inches. They both retail for $34.95. The swimming patterns appear to have great action in open water, and should rival anything on the market today. It's surely better than your old balsa wood fishing lure, right?!

You can find out more information on the Animated Lure by checking out the Robotic Lure website HERE.

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