Here's the Easy to Assemble Dog House Kit You've Been Searching For

Alright, it's Summer time. If you're not a homeowner many of our leases are coming to an end soon. Moving isn't fun, I know, but I found a way to be excited about a new place. I am only getting furniture that's easy assembly. That's right, I'm doing my research with Amazon customer reviews for my new furniture pieces. This is including a dog house.

The way I see it is, if I'm getting a new bed and house, so does my fur baby. I don't even like putting a fitted sheet on my bed all by myself, so I have to get a dog house that will take less than an hour to put together. If you have dog house plans, make sure easy assemble is at the top of requirements.

Tangkula Dog House

Dog house customers are happy with how easy it was to assemble! The high quality log cabin dog house comes in sizes medium and large. Perfect for small dogs who love extra room, and a great fit for medium sized and large breeds. I don't think it would be great for an extra large dog, but one customer did say 5 kitties could fit!

The log cabin wood house look is adorable and reminds me of a tiny home! It's made of fir wood, which means it's durable. This sure does beat sitting in a dog crate or dog kennel. It can be used as an outdoor dog house or indoor dog house. Your pooch will appreciate their new wooden dog house!

It is weather resistant, which is a relief. Your best friend will be fine if it happened to rain while they were outside. Another plus is that it's elevated off the ground a bit, which means your dog can get some air circulation.

While you do want the best dog house for your best friend, you need something to assemble quick and easy. DIY projects are fun, but it can take time to get all the supplies and tools needed, but with a dog house kit you just need to follow a few instructions and your fur baby is ready to move in!

The roof on the wood dog house opens up, so that makes it easy to pop some treats inside for your fur baby before heading off to work. One customer even mentioned the roof makes it easy to place pillows and blankets inside. This means you can easily turn this into a dog bed.

I'm all about comfort! If you're looking for a fluffy pet bed to fit into a wood dog house, check out these pet products!

A customer even said she's usually not the handyman, but she got the large dog house assembled in 30 minutes! Nice. So dog owners, order yourself a pizza before you start to put the wooden pet house together, because within the hour you should have an assembled wooden pet house and a pizza all to yourself.

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