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Here’s That Crazy Bear Jumping Video From the Jumper’s POV

bear jumping

If you thought the first video was pretty nuts, then you’ll want to watch this!

We recently nominated this fella as our Moron of the Month for August. In case you missed that announcement, you can read the full story, as well as see the video HERE. (It highlights a guy in a treestand who jumps down on a bear with a spear. He ultimately misses.)

Lucky for us, there’s a new video that shows the entire event from the perspective of the hunter. We’re fairly certain this one will make you shake your head as well.

Here’s the POV video (Warning – Language):

Here’s what the hunter had to say about this attempted harvest:

“This is my first attempt. The bear moved on me at the last second so as you can see, I pulled the spear hard to the right so to completely miss him. I did not want to impale the bear in the guts (so as) to of wounded him. I made the ethical choice and missed him completely.”

One thing’s for certain – this guy sure has nerves of steel.

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Here’s That Crazy Bear Jumping Video From the Jumper’s POV