kentucky velvet buck hit by car

Remember This Giant Velvet Buck Found on the Road?

Here is the real story behind this monster.

News gets around real quick when something like this happens. Photos of a giant, deceased, velvet whitetail buck have gone viral online and stories are beginning to get twisted.

Luckily, Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife has made an official statement, with valid proof, as to where this deer came from.

As the story first broke social media, people from all over were all claiming this deer died from a vehicle accident. Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and even New York made their way to into the conversation as the state to claim this whitetail.

Now it appears as though the truth is, it comes out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. More specifically, it was from an area the Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife management organization was monitoring. Officials had been watching the deer since 2014, using trail camera and extensive field surveys.

Wildlife biologists believe the deer to be 7 years old based on past encounters, photographs and tooth wear.

It was, without a doubt, a beautiful whitetail deer, and an unfortunate situation for both the driver and the deer.  It's unsure what "highly restricted" means exactly, but under any circumstances, that's a deer that should be hanging on a wall. We'll keep an eye on what may happen to the mount or he antlers, and fill you in should more news come out.

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