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Here’s How You’ll Blow It This Hunting Season By Overlooking One Little Thing

Not to be a jerk about it, but here’s how you’re going to screw up your hunting season.

We promise we aren’t trying to be a downer here, but there’s one thing that almost every hunter overlooks this time of year, and we’re merely out to help.

But of all the lists of things, reminders you give yourself, and new gear to add to your collection, you’re probably going to overlook something.

What we don’t want to happen is that you completely overlook it, and end up ruining a day of hunting because of something so small.

It’s not an exaggeration; the biggest thing you’re most likely to forget this season is…

Your socks!

OK, OK, maybe you won’t flat out forget your socks, especially if it’s on the cold side when you get out in the woods.

What you will do, most likely, is fail to take your socks into strong consideration. You’ll have your camo hunting pants and boots ready to go, but then neglect your sock choice. Those short, thin ankle socks you wore all summer aren’t going to cut it.

You want something that will stay warm and dry, give you the support and padding needed for long treks, and be able to withstand a good amount of use.

Have no fear, Sportsman’s Guide is here, and they’ve got several smart choices that will check socks off your list, and ensure you’re getting the right kind to keep you warm and free of blisters throughout the time you spend in the woods.

These Guide Gear COOLMAX Boot Socks are ideal before the weather gets really cold. They’re not too heavy but have the support where it’s needed.

On the flip side, Merino wool socks, like these from Guide Gear, are always going to deliver warmth when it’s needed. Oh, and sweaty feet stand no chance in a great pair of wool socks.

Finally, check out these Midweight “Lifetime” Socks with NanoGLIDE, one of the most advanced fabrics on the market today. It eliminates friction, which means less skin irritation, less heat built up and more comfort. That equals a great hunting sock.

Will they last a lifetime? Give them the test and let us know!

Please, don’t blow it by forgetting to address the socks you wear while hunting, and we won’t be forced to tell you we told you so.


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Here’s How You’ll Blow It This Hunting Season By Overlooking One Little Thing