Here's Where Arby's Venison Sandwiches Will Be Offered Next

Here's where Arby's venison sandwiches are headed next.

Restaurant chain Arby's made some big headlines last fall when they began testing venison steak sandwiches in select locations.

The test sandwiches proved to be a huge smash of a success with stores often selling out on the first days of the promotion in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia and Pennsylvania. And there was plenty of interest from others.

"We had a lot of people from different states asking why they didn't get the venison being such a big hunting states and one of those was Nebraska ... saying 'hey can you bring venison here,'" said Arby's brand president and chief of marketing Rob Lynch.

That's right residents of the Cornhusker state, that's where the sandwiches will pop up next. But there's a bit of bad news too. It's for one day only at just two locations, as listed below.

Wednesday, Jan. 18:
5540 O St.
Lincoln, Neb.

Thursday, Jan. 19:
13610 W. Maple Rd.
Omaha, Neb.

Why so limited? It all comes down to supply and demand. As we noted back in October, USDA regulations do not allow restaurants to sell the meat of wild game. Because of that, the venison in the sandwiches comes from farm-raised, free-range deer from New Zealand.

But even then, there's not exactly enough to meet demand of a hungry public.

"Right now we are trying to figure out how much venison we can get," Lynch told USA Today. "It's not as easy as going down the street and buying a chicken, but we absolutely are exploring opportunities to broaden this initiative to give venison to more hunters across the country."

In a day and age in which hunting has been declining in popularity, there's no denying this promotion is one of the rare hunting-related ones that strikes a real chord with consumers. Will you be trying to get one of these sandwiches later this month in Lincoln or Omaha?