antique mouse trap
YouTube: Shawn Woods

Here's a Look at a Rare 1877 Antique Mouse Trap in Action

Mouse trapping was a serious affair back in the late 1800s, as demonstrated by this death trap known as the "Eagle Claw."

Let's face it, it's probably never been a good time to be a mouse. Throughout the centuries, folk have had a serious disdain for these furry little things, designing all sorts of weird and wonderful creations to trap them with. The Eagle Claw is no exception.

Patented in 1877 by Benjamin Smith, this eight-pronged device is as lethal as it looks. (We can only imagine the pain it would bring to some trip-setting fingers as well!)

Here's the trap in action:

Not much in the way of suffering going on with this ingenious design. Quick and to the point (no pun intended) - just the way a mouse trap should work.

Pretty amazing that after 140 years, this trap still performs flawlessly.

Our hats off to you, Mr. Smith... for building a better mouse trap.

Be sure to check out Shawn Woods' YouTube channel for more great mouse trap videos.

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