Here's a Good Way to Catch a Lot of Fish in a Hurry

We bet you've never seen a fishing contraption like this before.

Sometimes all it takes is a little innovation to put more fish in the boat. Whether it's switching lures or bait, going to new places or just trying something completely off the wall, change is usually good for fishing.

That said, this is an interesting setup that came entirely from creativity. These fisherman combined multiple different fishing concepts to come up with a fish-catching machine!

See for yourself:

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Obviously, this uses plastic bottles you could use on any typical jug line setup. But it's also similar to your standard 10-hook trotline with how many hooks it has.

The efficiency of this thing is unbelievable, too, as once the fish start biting, they don't seem to stop!

Have you ever tried to make a DIY fishing setup like this? Let us know!