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The Henry Lever Action .30-30 is the Most American Hunting Rifle You Can Own

The perennial choice of the whitetail hunter is now better than ever.

It should be clear to even the most casual of followers that Henry Repeating Arms is not content with resting on its laurels as one of the largest names in the lever-action space. They have sold more than one million of their H001 Classic Lever Action .22 rifles, the H004 Golden Boy continues to be a shining example of how a lever action .22 should look and feel, and their extensive line of Tribute Edition rifles endures as popular heirloom gifts.

However, maybe they are not the first name that comes to your mind with regards to hunting. Obviously, this is a mindset that Henry wants to change.

Through constant product evolution and development over the past few years, Henry Repeating Arms now offers a truly viable rifle or shotgun for just about every hunting season you can think of. By looking at their catalog and envisioning the next few years down the road, it appears as though it's just going to keep getting better and better for those of us who choose to hunt with a Henry.

Henry Lever Action .30-30

Earlier this year, Henry Repeating Arms announced that most of their centerfire rifles are now shipping with a side loading gate. Perhaps unthinkable even five years ago, it's evident that they listen to what their customers want, and they aren't afraid to meet them at the table (or behind the gun counter).

Among the rifles and shotguns that were upgraded is the H009G Steel Lever Action .30-30 Side Gate, the humblest and most affordable lever action .30-30 that they offer with street prices in the $700-$800 range.

Henry Lever Action .30-30


There's something special about this no-frills model. Perhaps this is the perfect example of the sum of its parts being greater than the whole. So, what makes it the most American hunting rifle you can hit the deer stand with? We're glad you asked.

First, you have one of the most time-honored whitetail hunting calibers in existence. It's said time and time again that .30-30 has put down more deer than any other cartridge in history, and while that's incredibly difficult to prove, there's no reason not to believe it. When you think of classic American deer calibers, chances are that this is the very first caliber that springs to mind. And just like the rifles, the ammunition keeps getting better, with modern developments like Federal Premium's HammerDown load available to all of us.

Henry Lever Action .30-30

Second, you have to consider the platform itself. Henry proclaims the lever action as America's rifle since it was invented on American soil, while most other actions were invented elsewhere around the globe. It is America's unique contribution to the international stage of firearms design.

Lastly, you have Henry's dedication to keep their production in America. More specifically, this model is built from start to finish in their 140,000-square foot headquarters located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. That's right, this rifle is made smack dab in the middle of deer country where the opening day of whitetail season is treated as a religious holiday.

The Henry H009G Steel Lever Action .30-30 affords you the opportunity to hit the deer stand with what we consider to be the most American hunting rifle that you can own.

Ready to see it in action? While the Henry in this video lacks the new side loading gate, the platform remains the same, and the hunt is an absolute thrill to watch. Watch host of Henry's YouTube channel bag a monster 10-point Nebraska buck from 183 yards with his Henry .30-30:

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