Henry AR-7 vs. Marlin Papoose Rifle

Which of these survival rifles is better?

Our friend YouTuber mark3smle hit the range to put them to the test.

What specifically sets the two rifles apart? Well, lets check the facts.

In this video, both the Henry Arms U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle and the stainless-steel Marlin Papoose Rifle are chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Each of them supposedly serve as ideal survival guns, so it's time to find out how reliable they really are.

I've personally owned a Marlin 70pss Papoose Rifle in stainless steel before. I found accuracy to be accurate enough, but functionality was a major problem. I tried sending the little gun back to Marlin and then to my local gunsmith, and it still just always jammed. In a survival situation, that's simply unacceptable. This is where the Henry Survival Rifle really shines.

I did get a chance to review the Henry AR-7 and found it to be a better gun. The rifle itself breaks down completely so you can store it in the synthetic stock. All of the action, barrel and magazines of the AR-7 Survival Rifle are protected from harm during transport. This little rifle, which Henry patterned after the original Armalite AR-7 and then the Charter Arms AR-7 model, has added improvements. It's also is an accurate little semi-automatic .22 rifle, even with iron sights.

For small game in a survival situation, the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 beat out Marlin's Papoose Rifle. It's lightweight, but packs all the needs for a survival rifle. The Henry U.S. Survival Rifle is certainly is what I'd pack in my survival kit. We'd like to give a special thanks to mark3smle for this great video. I can certainly agree with his tests on these two contenders for the ultimate survival rifle.

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