Helicopter Hog Hunting

Helicopter Hog Hunting Downs Big Boars in Fast Action


You'll put helicopter hog hunting on your bucket list after seeing this.

With the Texas feral hog population continuing to surge, helicopter hog hunts have become more important than ever for helping control these invasive and destructive animals. With over two million feral swine in the Lone Star state, hunters simply cannot keep up with them without using extreme population control methods.

Which is why many farmers beg people to come out and buzz their farms with helicopters and AR rifles. The hogs have nowhere to hide and it is simply becoming one of the most effective population control methods out there.

Today's video of a helicopter hog hunt comes from YouTuber SEEK ONE out of Atlanta. Normally in one of Lee's videos, he's bagging a giant whitetail buck somewhere in the suburbs, usually with archery gear. This time he swaps his compound bow for an AR as he joins LunkersTV for a day of busting big boars in the Texas brush. Trust us, you'll want to try helicopter hog hunting after watching this excellent video.


While these methods may seem extreme, especially to non-hunters, it is one of the only ways to protect millions of dollars in crops efficiently. We appreciate the fact they showed some of the damage these animals cause in the video. Even a small group of hogs is destructive. The problem only compounds when there are 80, 90, or even 100 animals in a sounder.

The pilot in this video clearly loves what he does. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to put these guys in position to down all these hogs consistently. Many companies that specialize in this type of hunting have popped up in recent years and we are betting that number will only increase as the hog population continues to worsen.

One thing is for sure, we are going to add helicopter hog hunting to our ever-growing hunting bucket list in the future. That just looked like too much fun. Nice shooting boys, and thanks for putting a dent in the hog population!

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