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Our Staff Swears by This $44 Heated Cat Bed for Cold Indoor Cats

It's so hard for me to get out of bed on the weekends. I got a heated blanket last year, and I use it almost every day. Not even three throw blankets can compare to the warmth a heater provides. Does your kitty love to snuggle up under blankets with you? Check out this heated cat bed.

Self-warming cat beds have a mylar interior that reflects your cat's body heat for warmth. What makes this heated cat bed unique is that it has a removable 4-watt heater to keep your cat warm.

The Best Heated Cat Beds

Best Overall

1. K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Basket Indoor Heated Cat Bed, Foldable, Gray, 15in x 15in, 4W

This heated bed for cats is comfy and budget-friendly. You can find it on Amazon for $44. It looks like small dogs would be able to fit in the bed. The high-quality cushion is machine washable and soft. So, why this over self-warming cat beds and heating pads?

If you have a multi-pet household, this smaller bed may keep large dogs away from your cat's new heated pet bed. Also, your cat's body temperature and mylar interior might not be cutting it for them. (Also, some cat mats only provide a small warm spot.)

cat in bed

Lyndsay Cordell

This pet bed provides your cat with a warm place that's only for them. Its heated element is unmatched. Keep in mind that it is intended for indoor use. If you're looking to keep your outdoor cat warm, then consider a heated pet mat. (Make sure it's waterproof or water-resistant.)

Surely your pet's favorite spot is their cat house or cat cave, but they'll be sure to come out and enjoy their brand new pet bed warmer. Heck, they might even think you did them a favor and turned up the thermostat above room temperature. Our Wide Open Eats Editor, Lyndsay, swears by this cat bed. Her cat Ethel won't stay out of it!

Best for Cats Who Love to Cuddle

2. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

This $44 cat bed is Amazon's Choice for heated cat beds for indoor cats. If your cat is a cuddler, then you should consider this bed. The shape of the round cat bed will make our cats feel warm and cozy.

The Thermo-Kitty bed uses low wattage and is extremely energy-efficient. A customer called it a winter love story and wrote this five-star review:

"All three of my cats love this so much the dog got jealous! I have decided to get al larger bed just for her!"

Best Self-Heating Option

3. Miss Meow Cat Cave Bed and Round Bed for Indoor Cats,Warming Fluffy Calming Tent Bed for Small and Large Cats,Machine Washable and with Slip Resistant Bottom, Ultra Soft Plush Cushion for Cats Puppy Small Dogs Sleeping

Older cats will love this bed. If your feline friend loves their privacy, you can't go wrong with the cave-shaped bed. Plus, it's so cute. When you're picky about cat products not clashing with home decor too much, you'll lean towards trendy cat beds like this. (Gotta love the faux fur.)

I understand some cat owners may be scared of overheating and electric cords on the other options, so to be safe, you can consider this bed. In addition, the self-warming bed has a removable cover so that you can keep your cat's favorite hideout clean.

Also Consider Heating Pads! Our Picks:

Our spoiled kitties deserve the best! Be sure to check out Chewy's inventory of pet supplies for all of your furry best friends. If you're in the market for dog beds, be sure to check our list. The PetFusion bed is a bestseller, and dogs love it!

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This post was originally published on May 28, 2020.