Hear Why the SwingBlade is Going to Change What You Know About Your Knife

Get an up close look at the SwingBlade, Outdoor Edge's two-in-one knife.

Outdoor Edge brings even more innovation to the hunting knife front with the SwingBlade. This fixed blade hunter literally is two blades in one, as it rotates from skinning knife to gutting blade at the push of a button. But instead of reading through features and high points, watch this video that sums up everything you need to know.

After checking it out, ask yourself: Why would I need another knife?

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The SwingBlade really is a do-it-all knife.

Black or florescent orange (plus pink if you so desire) colors are available, and a combo set with the T-handle wood/bone saw is virtually all you'd need to take care of a large game animal.

Need to see more? Outdoor Edge's website has all the details.