Keep Your Critter's Hay Clean and Clump-Free With This Hay Feeder

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Feeding hay to our small furry friends has several benefits, such as helping with digestion and promoting dental health. Hay feeders help prevent your pet's hay from clumping together and getting dirty.

Whether you have a hamster, gerbil, or rabbit, hay feeders are great for making sure your critter's hay is always clean and fluffy for them. If you're looking for new products for your small pet, check out these hay feeders from Amazon.

Best Hay Feeders

1. Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay Feeder, Hay Food Bin Feeder, Hay and Food Feeder Bowls Manger Rack for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla and Other Small Animals (Blue)

This hay & grain feeder is designed with accessibility in mind. Your little critters can enjoy both hay and pellets. The hay racks keep the Timothy hay from mixing in with the pellet food.

To install this hay basket, connect it to a wire cage and freely adjust the height. No hardware tools are required! You can even wall-mount it if your critters are cage-free. This will be your hamster's favorite product, next to its chew toys, of course!

If you are searching for all-natural hamster and gerbil food, check out this special offer on Oxbow hamster food.

2. 2 Pieces Guinea Pig Hay Bag Rabbit Feeding Bag Small Animal Hay Feeder Bag Hanging Feeder Sack Storage with 2 Holes for Chinchilla Hamsters Rabbit Guinea Pig Small Pets (Watermelon, Orange)

These hay bags are not only adorable, but they are also easy to maintain! If you have multiple small pets, these heavy-duty bags are made of high-quality nylon material and are chew-resistant. They are also washable if they get dirty.

Each hay bag has two metal buckles that you can hang in your hamster's hutch or cage.

3. Kaytee Hay Feeder for Small Animals

If your hamster gets a little messy when it eats, this slow-feed feeder has a catch-tray that minimizes wasted hay. I love that it is free-standing, so you can place it anywhere. The chew-resistant wire is perfect if you have multiple critters to feed.

This seller also makes water bottles for hamsters!

4. LITTLE GIANT Wire Hay Rack - Pet Lodge - Hay & Grass Feeder/Manger for Rabbit, Hamster, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Ferret, Other Small Animals (Item No. 153171)

This feeder is designed to keep your hamster's food clean and sanitary. You can dispense hay and veggies in this hay rack. I love that it is designed with a salt and mineral spool holder, so you can even use it as a mineral feeder.

For your larger animals such as goats and alpacas, Little Giant also makes bunk feeders.

5. CoscosX 2 in 1 Pet Feeder Food and Grass Frame Bowls Hay Manger for Rabbits Chinchillas Big Guinea Pigs Small Animals Anti-bite with Hanging Set, Animal Supplies

Similar to a slow feeder puzzle, this hay ball is designed to keep your hamster's mind stimulated. You can put hay or snacks in this hay ball, and it can be hung in your pet's cage.

I love that this is made with rust-resistant materials, so it will hold up well right next to your hamster's waterer.

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