Dream Trip Awaits Winner of Hawaii Hunting Giveaway

In our biggest hunting giveaway to date, we're awarding one lucky winner a Hawaii hunting trip for axis deer! It's an experience of a lifetime, and entirely free to enter! GO HERE for your chance to win.

From now until December 22, 2022, you can enter for you chance to win this two-day trophy hunt for free-range axis deer in Lanai, Hawaii, plus $10,000 cash for travel and extras. All you have to do is complete the entry form with your contact information, then cross your fingers and hope you're the lucky one. The winner will be chosen and notified after the giveaway ends, so you'll want to enter as soon as possible!

Enter the Hawaii Hunting Giveaway NOW!

Axis deer (also known as chital) are actually a non-native species in North America that originated in India, but were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in the mid-1800s. Now a thriving population exists on several of the islands, and the hunting opportunities are impeccable. Many hunters who've experienced a Hawaiian axis deer hunt are on the record saying it's one of the most incredible adventures they've been on in one of the most scenic spots in the world.

The winner of our Hawaii Hunting Giveaway will receive a two-day Axis deer trophy hunt worth $5,000 in Lanai, Hawaii, guided by the award-winning High Adventure Company. They know how to take care of a traveling hunter, and the trip will be unlike any other.

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Many hunters across the country view axis as a bucket list hunting experience, but the populations of axis in America don't stretch all that far. Besides Hawaii, Texas is the only other state that has transplanted these deer within their boundaries. If an axis deer hunt has been in your crosshairs, this is the giveaway to enter. The guided hunting experience and $10,000 towards expenses can be yours if you are declared the winner!

Remember, it's completely free to enter the giveaway, and all you need to provide is your contact information. Don't waste any more time and ENTER TODAY!

Enter the Hawaii Hunting Giveaway NOW!