mako shark

Hands Off! Pissed off Mako Shark Goes After Boat to Protect Dolphin Dinner

It's not a good idea to come between a mako shark and its dinner.

It will attack anything that gets in its way. That includes a good-sized fishing boat.

(Warning: A shark goes after the boat. You better believe there's some cussing).

Anglers aboard the boat High Priority were fishing 6 miles off Dana Point in Southern California July 8. They were looking for tuna. Instead, they found a half-eaten dolphin carcass. Like most people who see something odd on the water, they went to investigate. Seems the mako shark took exception to the move.

As you see in the video, the shark swims right at the stern of the boat... and bites it.

Good thing the mako only went after the boat. It looked to the anglers like it bit the dolphin in half in one bite. And mako have skills when it comes to leaping out of the water.

What happened after the "attack"? The mako shark grabbed its dinner and went to find a place to eat in peace.