Underwater Handguns
YouTube: FullMag

Shooting Handguns Underwater Makes for Spectacular Slow-Motion Footage

Ever wonder what firing a gun underwater looks like in slow motion?

Have you ever seen a movie where someone fires a gun underwater and wondered what would happen if someone attempted that in real life? Usually, Hollywood portrays such a scenario with the firearm still being effective despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Of course, the truth is that water significantly slows all momentum of a projectile, rendering them less than effective.

Still, who wouldn't want to see what happens when one shoots a gun underwater? That is exactly what YouTuber FullMag set out to do with his latest video. He sets up an array of high speed cameras and then fires a .22lr, a 9mm and a .45 ACP in his pool. The results are spectacular and fascinating to watch.

This was fascinating and even beautiful to watch in action. You really get a sense of how the various gases escape from a firearm while watching these. Both through the muzzle, ejection port and the muzzle brake of the .22lr. One thing that is notable here is how most of the bullets do not fly more than a foot or two before spiraling out of control.

It's not too surprising to see the .22lr seems to lose speed the fastest while the larger and heavier .45 ACP seems to chug along on a much straighter path for the most part.

Even though these rounds look like they're losing most of their energy immediately, we still wouldn't want to be standing in front of it. A great follow-up experiment to this would be to throw a piece of ballistics gel in the pool to see how the water affects penetration of the various sized rounds.

Overall, this was a fascinating experiment and we hope he ups the ante for his next video to some larger rounds to see how they handle being shot underwater.

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