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YouTube: Close Proximity

Hail Mary Gobbler Archery Shot is Worth a Minute of Your Time

Hail Mary gobbler shot is what every bow hunter dreams of during turkey season.

Jordan Barnes of Close Proximity TV is no stranger to consistently harvesting turkeys. However, I think even this shot caught Jordan by surprise. He's proven time and time again that he can harvest birds with a bow, and he even films the hunts to prove it. This is certainly one of those hunts where you're thankful you carried your camera into the woods. I'm sure Jordan is, too.

Jordan filmed this same bird on a prior hunt just days before, but couldn't get drawn with his bow without the turkey noticing. The name Close Proximity TV is named for the close encounters Jordan consistently has with these animals. Whether it's a turkey or a deer, he enjoys being out in nature up close and personal with God's creation.

Watch the video below:

Though this bird got away once, Jordan wasn't going to allow it to happened a second time. By now, you've already seen the amazing shot. Jordan senses that the bird is starting to get timid, so he draws his bow back. When he draws, the bird takes off, and Jordan flings an arrow.

What happens next is incredible. I'm not even sure he knew what he had just done. The arrow strikes the bird in the back of the neck and goes down. The distance of the shot measured 35-40 yards. This bird is Jordan's second of the season. He plans on filling several more tags in six or seven more states before the end of the year.

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