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H-E-B and Texas Parks and Wildlife Announce New Conservation Partnership

H-E-B is partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife in conservation efforts.

Iconic grocery chain H-E-B has joined forces with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation in a new effort to help conserve natural resources in the Lone Star State.

More specifically, H-E-B is planning to support conservation efforts across the state on projects like black bear restoration and the opening Palo Pinto Mountains State Park in the northern part of the state. Palo Pinto is the newest state park to be established in Texas and is slated to open sometime next year.

The news of this partnership comes about a year after H-E-B started their "How2Recycle" program that better labels packaging that can be recycled. They also donated $135,000 for the development of a recycling center in Ingleside, Texas. The company also launched their own environmentally conscious brand called "Field & Future" last year which focuses on baby, personal care, and household products made of recycled or plant materials. There are also products made of biodegradable formulas.

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"We know H-E-B and our customers have a shared commitment in protecting the land, water and air of Texas for generations to come," H-E-B Group's Vice President of Public Affairs, Diversity and Environmental Affairs, Winell Herron said in a press release. "As H-E-B works to reduce our packing footprint and increase packaging recyclability, we also look for ways to support community access to recycling."

Additionally, H-E-B announced employees will be volunteering in Earth Day projects across the state, and many of their stores are planning to host Earth Day events. Customers will also have the chance to donate to conservation products by adding a donation of $1, $3, or $5 to their bill at checkout.

"We are honored to partner with a company that has been beloved by generations of Texans and look forward to working with them to make Texas a great place to live and enjoy the outdoors," TPWF Board of Trustees Chairman Mike Greene said on the foundation's website.

You can see the H-E-B and Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation's websites for more information.

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