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CEO Stares Down an AK-47 Through Bulletproof Glass to 'Stand Behind' His Product

It sounds too good to be true, but the CEO wanted to prove to his customers the reliability of Texas Armoring Corporation products.  

The Texas Armoring Corporation takes product testing seriously, and CEO Trent Kimball asked his employee to shoot him with an AK-47, showing he will literally stand behind his product.

Think it'll turn out as a great marketing plan?

WARNING: Do not try this at home or attempt it yourself.

How many times has someone been able to say, "This is my AK-47, and today I get to shot my boss," and really mean it? Hopefully this guys is the only one.

After watching this video, it's clear Texas Armoring Corporation does product testing like nobody else. The AK-47 rounds couldn't penetrate the glass, even at close range. If you ever need to protect yourself from an AK-47, or any other kind of high powered firearm, you know who to call.

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Here's what the company said on their website: "The glass Kimball is crouching behind, if you were curious, is T7-level bullet-resistant and is 2.16 inches thick in the middle. It's rated to defeat up to 30-06 AP rounds and will deflect rounds from an M-16, AK-47, FN-FAL, and other similar weapons. This specific glass is from an S-Class Mercedes and features an offset edge so it looks stock, which is what you see flying off when it's shot."

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