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This Guy Chased Down a Big Pike with his Bare Hands, but Should he Have?

big pike

If you find a pike this big in shallow water, and you can catch it, should you? This guy did.

It's a little hard to tell what language is being spoken in this video, but (going out on a limb here) it sounds a little like French. Since France can harbor some really big pike we'll go with it for the moment and discuss what may or may not be a very cool video of some dude chasing down a big one and grabbing it with his bare hands.

The thing is this: the trees are getting green, and the ice is gone so this big Esox is probably in the shallow water for one reason- to spawn.

Check out the video and decide what you think:

At first I thought that they sounded Scandinavian, and they may well be, but that's not the point. I hate stepping on a cool video like this, especially when we get to see a great look at a big pike, but it wasn't taken on a fly or had ambushed a big bass at the boat.

He chased it down in a shallow weed bed and pulled it out with his hands.

Maybe this is a normal practice where this video was made, and the fish was immediately released. (possibly to resume its spawning.) We all have caught pre-spawn and spawning bass so I can't complain too much, but I never caught one that I chased down... in the water.

It seemed like a perfectly healthy fish so what do you think?

A. Was the fish spawning?

B. Does it even matter?

C. Find something better to worry about?



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This Guy Chased Down a Big Pike with his Bare Hands, but Should he Have?