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Gun Gear Review: Roll-N-Go Gun Cases

The Roll-N-Go is a new case for your 10/22 takedown or AR-15, and it's got everything you'd want.

There are lots of instances where the new Roll-N-Go Gun Cases take care of your gear needs.

I reviewed both the AR-15 and Ruger 10/22 Takedown Roll-N-Go Gun Cases, and this is what I discovered.

Takedown rifles and shotguns have the ability to pack down quite small. Why is it that the gun cases for them are overly thick? It makes actually carrying them where they are really needed a bit of a pain.

That is exactly what Roll-N-Go Gun Cases inventor Ron Asman ran into when packing his emergency gear. He needed a takedown gun case that wasn't bulky, but could still be securely fastened to a bug out bag or other handy spot to actually be carried afield.

The typical takedown range gun cases were just too bulky. Ron decided he can make a product to fill this very crucial role.

Ron makes two versions on the Roll-N-Go Gun Cases. The first is a roll up case that fits the dimensions of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle. The other is a larger model for an AR-15 rifle disassembled into its sub units. They are both made in Ohio by a team of talented sewers.

I received both versions in woodland camouflage to put to the test for this review. The outer shell on the case is 1000 denier and waterproof, and the inner shell is 500 denier. This combination makes rolling up the case much easier.

Supplied for the test for the long pockets are items aptly termed "sliders." These allow smaller items (like ammo boxes) to be pulled out easily from deep pockets. It's a pretty smart idea to say the least. I also have found the sliders give extra protection to long gun barrel assemblies during transport. A gun sock also gives extra padding when needed.

A shoulder strap was also supplied for testing. Any shoulder strap or even a long gun sling can be used as a transport strap with the Roll-N-Go Case. There are several strategically-placed D-Ring attachments, providing plenty of places to add a strap or even secure the case itself to the outside of a rucksack or an ATV.

The weak point of any gun case is the stitching. Luckily, that is not an issue with the Roll-N-Go. The heavy duty reinforced stitching will last for the long haul. This is a necessity when it comes to a high-stress bug out situations. You certainly don't want to lose gear to broken stitches and failed hardware.

Here's what I found after a closer examine the Roll-N-Go Ruger 10/22 Takedown Gun Case. It had six Velcro closure pockets that will fit ammunition, accessories, and magazines (such as the Ruger BX-25). It also has two barrel assembly pockets and a receiver pocket. Remember, any weapon that fits that parameter will fit in the cases.

Since I knew the Ruger Takedown Rifle was a perfect fit based on pictures from the actual Roll-N-Go Gun Case website, I decided to see what else I could easily squeeze in. The dimensions of the case when opened are 25" long and 27" wide. That covers the size a lot of takedown-style long guns.

I wanted to test out how big I could go, and managed to fit a Stoeger Coach Gun Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun with plenty of room to spare. How is that for power in a bad situation? Though not specified for it, it's nice to know I could carry my 12 gauge if I wanted to.

Next, I examined the Roll-N-Go AR-15 Takedown Gun Case. Because it's larger than the Ruger 10/22 case, this one fits a larger array of disassembled long guns. Dimensions of this case are 27.5" long and 33" wide on my sample.

Again, I wanted to push it to its limits. I tried a Ruger Mini-14 Rifle with a Butler Creek Folding Stock and a full size 3-9 power Bushnell Scope disassembled in this case. There was plenty of room with a decent amount to spare.

It was cool to learn this is not just an AR-15 Rifle case. With the larger dimensions it will fit much more than you can imagine. This model has two long barrel/stock pockets, six magazine size pockets, and two other accessory pockets. Bottom line: the case can pack a whole lot of gear.

After the conclusion of my testing, I can honestly say the Roll-N-Go Gun Cases would make an incredible addition to anyone's bug out bag needs, but they'd work just as well for their next range trip too.

With the vast array of weapons both cases will accommodate, you will be well-armed in case of an emergency, and be able to haul your gear around more seamlessly than ever.

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